Mon-Thurs: 8am-4pm
Friday: 8am-2pm


15 Mountain Blvd
Watchung, NJ 07069

Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm
Friday 8am-2pm
Phone: 908.756.0080
Address: 15 Mountain Blvd
Watchung, NJ 07069
Keith S. Balla

Mayor Keith S. Balla

Term Ends: 12/31/22
Email: [email protected]

Mayor & Council

Watchung is a beautiful place to live and work. We have a rich history and a bright future. The Mayor and Council are very proud to serve this community and we appreciate hearing from you. Please let us know your concerns and give us your suggestions.

Monday Mayor and Council Hours are temporarily suspended.
For an appointment, please call the Clerk’s Office at (908) 756-0080 ext. 0

Council Meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.
Please check the calendar for meeting date changes/cancellations.

Wendy Robinson

Wendy Robinson
Term Ends: 12/31/22
Email: [email protected]

Ronald Jubin

Ronald Jubin, Ph.D.
Council President-Term Ends: 12/31/23
Email: [email protected]

Christine B. Ead

Christine B. Ead
Term Ends: 12/31/24
Email: [email protected]

Curt S. Dahl

Curt S. Dahl
Term Ends: 12/31/24
Email: [email protected]

Freddie Hayeck

Pietro (Pete) Martino
Term Ends: 12/31/22
Email: [email protected]

Freddie Hayeck

Freddie Hayeck
Term Ends: 12/31/23
Email: [email protected]

Pete Martino



Administration & Finance
Chair: Jubin
Dahl, Robinson

Council, Administrator, Clerk, Finance, Tax Collector, Library, Welfare

Public Works
Chair: Ead
Dahl, Hayeck

Buildings & Grounds, Engineering, Roads, Sewers

Laws & Ordinances
Chair: Martino
Robinson, Hayeck

Legal, Planning Board

Public Affairs
Chair: Hayeck
Ead, Robinson
Board of Health - Jubin
Environmental Commission - Robinson
Recreation Commission - Hayeck
Historical Committee - Ead

Board of Adjustment, Solid Waste

Chair: Robinson
Ead, Martino

Police, Court, Traffic & Beautification, Community Service

Chair: Dahl
Martino, Jubin

Construction, Rescue Squad, OEM

Rescue Squad Liaison: Robinson

Youth Services Commission Liaison: Dahl

Library Advisory Committee Liaison: Robinson

Planning Board, Class III Member: Martino

Municipal Alliance: Hayeck

Traffic & Beautification: Ead