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Engineering / Public Works

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15 Mountain Boulevard
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Department of Public Works Summer Hours beginning May 29, 2023 - September 1, 2023 will be Monday-Friday: 6am to 2:30pm.

(908) 756-0091

Styrofoam Recycling is Here!

recycling bin

Located at DPW Garage: 880 Somerset Street

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Household Waste Collection

Regular Household Waste Collection for the Watchung Residents ONLY:

Bulky Waste Collection
Bulky waste collection will run from June 5- June 9 for District 1 and June 12- June 16 for Distsrict 2. To find your district CLICK HERE. Please note, permit sticker were NOT mailed to residents. Anyone who submitted payment, etc. had their information sent directly to the trash hauler. You can find the application for bulky waste collection under our Forms & Applications box. You may also pay here.
If you missed this year's collection, please sign up for borough communications to participate next year here.

**Permit stickers will NOT be mailed to residents. Your information will be sent directly to the trash hauler.**

Tree Removals
As you make your landscaping and construction plans for the spring and summer, please remember that a permit is required before cutting down any tree, alive or dead. The tree removal permit is free. All application are found under our “forms & applications” section, see guidelines displayed.
Watchung is losing so many trees to invasive insects, storms, and disease.  Here is a list of the native trees and shrubs that are recommended as replacements for all the ash and other trees that are being lost.

If you are removing tree(s)

Then complete and submit

If you are going to remove tree(s) without land disturbance

Tree removal application for permit with "no land disurbance" form

If you are going to remove tree(s) with land disturbance

Tree removal application for permit with "with land disurbance" form

If you are going to remove dead, diseased, dying or hazardous tree(s) without land disturbance

Dead, Diseased, Dying or Hazardous Tree Only Tree Removal Permit Application

If you are going to remove dead, diseased, dying or hazardous tree(s) with land disturbance

Tree removal application for permit with "with land disurbance" form

Upcoming Engineering Projects

The Borough has several projects underway. Check out the presentation on repairs to various culvert and below are additional projects underway:

Hillcrest Road, CR531, Watchung & Warren
Hillcrest Road is a major north - south commuter link from Route 78 to Route 22. Average daily traffic volumes exceed 20,000 vehicles per day. The project limits extend from a point that is approximately 600 feet south of High Oaks Drive/Ridge Road north to the I‐78 interchange. Current traffic patterns exhibit heavy weekday traffic in both the morning and evening rush hours.

Information regarding this project as well as an outline of safety improvements can be accessed by clicking on the side “Hillcrest Road.” Check out the county’s webpage for any updates regarding this project by clicking here.

Playground at Mobus Field
The tennis and basketball courts are scheduled for complete renovation consisting of milling, paving, surface coatings, and installation of new nets.  Upon completion, the renovated area will consist of 2 tennis courts, 2 pickleball courts, and new nets.

During the milling/paving operation, the entire park will be closed to the public except for the playground area. The tennis courts will be closed for renovations beginning on August 2, 2023, for approximately 6 weeks with no public access.

The basketball area will be closed for approximately 2 weeks over the next 2 months.  The exact time for this closure is not scheduled at this time.

mobus field playground

Maria Fittipaldi
Secretary, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (908) 756-0091 ext. 214
Email: [email protected]

Jason Cline
Borough Professional Engineer
(908) 756-0091 ext. 225
Email: [email protected]

William McClave
Public Works Manager
(908) 756-0080 x220
Email: [email protected]