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Planning Board

Member Information

N.J.S.A. 40:55D-23 et. seq.
Code 28-701

Members: 9 Regular Members; 2 Alternate Members for 2-year terms
All Members must be residents, except for Class II; comprised of following categories:

Class I  –  Mayor or Mayor’s designee for term of office
Class II –  Borough Official (not of Council) appointed by Mayor, may be member of Environmental Commission
Class III – Member of Council, appointed by Council, for 1-year term
Class IV – Residents of Borough appointed by Mayor for 4-year terms, hold no other office

Board Members

Keith S. Balla - Class I
Mayor’s Term

Karen Pennett - Class II
Ending 12/31/2023

Pietro Martino - Class II
Ending 12/31/2021

Stephen Pote - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2024

Albert Ellis - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2022

Tracee Schaefer, Chair - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2024

Don Speeney, Vice Chair - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2021

Ellen Spingler - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2021

Paul Fiorilla - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2023

Troy Sims, Alt. #1 - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2021

Yvette Nora, Alt. #2 - Class IV
Ending 12/31/2022

Board Officials

Planning Board Attorney: Francis Linnus, Esq. (Law Firm of Francis P. Linnus)


Theresa M. Snyder, Board Clerk
Tel: 908.756.0080 x238
Email: [email protected]

15 Mountain Boulevard
Watchung, NJ 07069

P: 756-0080, ext 238.

Hours: Tuesdays 9 am - 2 pm