Resident Communications

Please consider registering for all three notification services below the Radio information. 
Each one serves a different purpose to help keep you informed 
on a daily basis as well as when emergencies occur.

Borough of Watchung’s Emergency Information System

WPNT 550
Radio 1610 AM

When the power goes out, you can’t get a cell signal, the Internet is down, residents should know they can tune their car radios or battery operated radios to 1610 AM and hear important messages, information, or updates from the Watchung’s Emergency Service Teams. 

In a real emergency, an AM Radio may be the only source of communication between the Borough’s Officials and its residents. The Borough will use this as a means to disseminate information, so please, in the event of an emergency, have fresh batteries available for your radio, sit tight, stay calm, and tune in.

Police Department Notices via Nixle

Nixle is a service used by the Borough of Watrchung Police Department
to send notices to residents who have registered with Nixle.
Notices are sent via phone, email and SMS text.

Register for Borough of Watchung Website e-Bulletins

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As a registrant of this list you will receive a notice each time Watchung's Web Site is updated. Notices will include a link to the page that has been updated if additional information is available. Every e-mail notice contains a link at the bottom for you to unsubscribe. Please note that if your email address changes, you must re-subscribe using the form below with your new email address. It should also be noted that the New Jersey Courts have ruled that municipal listserv mailing lists such as this are subject to OPRA requests.

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